Kindle cover

by W J H Olding 

Edited and published for Kindle 
by Gill Breeze

Available from Amazon here

16th  May 2014 - Update

Today I delivered a print version of A Penny and an Egg to my mum, and watched her flick through the pages, as she remembered names and places that she had shared with my dad.  

Before he died in 2005 he had written the story of childhood years in the small East Cornish village of Blunts. A Penny and an Egg was published on Kindle on 12th April.  For a few days it was offered for free download by Amazon around the world, and amazingly over 700 copies were snatched up in 5 days. 

Now it's on sale, and copies are still being downloaded, and I'm very proud to see his work being read across the UK, Europe, America and Canada, with even India. 

Now it's also been published as a paperback, using CreateSpace, and available from Amazon.

Take a look inside, and let me know what you think.


© Gill Breeze 2014