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Sculpture Garden 18th - 26th July

I'm very happy to be going back to Lynchettes again this July, to show my Softpots as part of the Bradford on Avon Arts Festival Sculpture Garden.

This year I will be running workshops on both Sunday afternoons (19th and 26th July).  I hope the event will be as much fun as last year and a great success for all the contributors. 

Softpots at Melksham Townswomen's Guild

In June, this lively, friendly group invited me to take my Softpots along to show them my Softpots. Thank you ladies for a wonderful afternoon of fun.

Registered Softpot Maker! 

I've taken the plunge and become a Registered Softpot Maker. So I'm now able to sell them throughout the area and my customers can be assured of their quality.  Thank you Annie for all your support and encouragement.

Sculpture Garden 2014

The Sculpture Garden in BOA was open from 12th - 20th July. Over 90 exhibits were shown in the beautiful gardens of Lynchettes, and almost 300 people came to visit.   I will be posting some images from the garden in my blog during July.

Among the amazing pieces of sculpture, I was proud to launchl  Softpots in BOA, and even prouder of the very warm and enthusiastic reception that they were given.   

Softpot Garden in York

I can't believe how lucky I was to visit the Softpot Garden in York in May. 

Hanging pot

I couldn't help noticing  that although strolling in the Museum Gardens in the sun was delightful, it wasn't the same story  for the  homeless people that I saw.  So sad that  our cities, with so much wealth, have so much poverty living right alongside. 

An action packed month in May

So much that was new and exciting  crowded into May, and it was hard to keep all the strands together.  


After a frustrating few days, when I really thought I'd made a few big mistakes, I finally launched my dad's book, A Penny and an Egg, in print. 

On Friday 16th May I was able to take a copy to my mum, for her inspection.  What a magical moment it was.  

But there was no time to rest and admire, I was off to York to attend a Softpots workshop.  I can't wait to launch them here in Bradford on Avon. 


The Cloth Road Arts Week - 3rd - 11th May 2014

May, Fay, Gay and Kay

My Cloth Road Arts Week trail has been dominated by wet weather, which has curtailed my enthusiasm a little.  But yesterday I found these lovely ladies - May, Fay, Gay and Kay sunbathing in a warm conservatory.  They have been hand thrown on a wheel by Alison Potter and you can see more of her work on her website or visit her at the Widcombe Art Trail from Saturday 17th to Sunday 18th May 2014.

Sunday 4th May

Curiosity got the better of me Sunday  so I called in to visit the Cloth Road exhibitions that had opened over weekend as part of the Cloth Road Arts Week.  


It' was lovely to see the space in The Vaults being used so well, and I was met by this lovely sculpture, by Andy Hopkins

 Visit Andy's website to find out more about his stunning work. Or visit my blog at Cornish Made to read more.

The Vaults 2014

I celebrated May Day by visiting The Vaults in BOA, where work is underway to prepare for the first exhibition, as part of the Cloth Road Arts Week.  

What an amazing space it is, and I'm looking forward to seeing it make its impact on the local community..After

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