National Flash Fiction Day - 27th June 2015

I love National Flash Fiction Day - a whole 24 hours of fiction, with a new piece being added to the website every 10 minutes through the day.  For the second time, I was pleased to submit a short a piece of Flash Fiction that was published online.  You can read it here:

Her Face

National Novel Writing Month - November 2014

In November I was pleased to work with a group of other local writers in Bradford on Avon Library during National Novel Writing Mongh.  We continued working together during January to May 2015, and hope to be back in the Library in November 2015

18th August 2014

What a great weekend of writing.  The NYC Midnight Madness Flash Fiction contest kicked off at 5am on Saturday (midnight in New York).  Over 1000 contestents are put into groups and given 48 hours to create a piece of Flash Fiction from the genre, location and object their group has been given.  

I was set the challenge of writing Suspense story that featured a dark alley, and chocolate milk.  My story 'The Steps' was submitted at 2am (with 3 hours to spare).  

The second round is in October.

17th July

No sooner had I sent my entry into the H G Wells Short Story Competition then I realised the Early Entry Deadline for the NYC Midnight Madness Flash Fiction contest was on me.  This is one of my favourite inspirations for writing new stories and exploring new genres.  So I've signed up and marked my diary to be ready for a weekend of writing on August 15-17, 2014.

15th July

With minutes to spare I sneaked my entry into the H G Wells Short Story Competition with the theme this year of Fortune.  Now I will be watching out for the Short List Announcement Event in September, and the Prize Giving Event in November.  Good luck little story, it was fun to work on you and send you out into the big wide world!

29th May

Work has started on my 'True Life Crime' project, and I'm working on a story that gripped me when I found myself working in the area around the notorious Newgate Prison.  

Meanwhile I've got a 'nearly finished' draft of a story for the H G Wells Short Story Contest, but I'm giving myself time to stand back from it before I finally submit it.  

I'm trying to establish a writing routine (and failing miserably on more days than I care to admit to).  Moving house and starting a new business (Softpots in BOA) is taking its toll, but I'm working on it. At least my regular visits to my diary keep me on track.

16th May

A Penny and an Egg is now in paperback!  What an exciting moment!  And MsLexia have announced a new Memoirs contest, with the deadline of 22nd September.  Reading and editing my dad's story has been inspirational, and it's tempting to consider writing some of my own story.  

11th May

Who could have known that I would find the publishing process so enjoyable!  This week I've spent every available scribbling moment reviewing A Penny and an Egg for publishing in print, using the CreateSpace resource.  It's now being reviewed for the last time and during the week I will be ordering two free copies (thanks to National Novel Writing Month winners prize). 

Laburnum Wood pen

I have two short story projects bubbling away too, but they have been knocked onto the back burning while I pick my way through this fascinating publishing process. 

But to help me on my way, I found a beautiful pen, hand turned in Laburnum Wood, and its now safely stowed with my daily journal, ready for some happy hours of scribbling.

2nd May 2014

To make life even more interesting, I decided to create a blog - Cornish Made.  For anyone that knows me, they will know how much my Cornish heritage means to me.  So I've created my very own blog to write about how it influences me.  You can find it here:

27th April 2014

While I'm busy planning a new short story for the H G Wells Short Story Contest, and starting work on a True Crime eBook, I have decided its time to create a blog.  Not being a fan of them, seeing too many that start with good intentions and then dry up, I've been reluctant so far.  But here goes anyway.  

Visit my new blog at:

15th April 2014

Working on a story idea for the H.G.Wells Short Story Competition.  The deadline is 14th July 2014

1st April 2014

As a compulsive scribbler, I drafted, pruned, edited and polished during March to prepare a story to submit to the Bath Short Story Award.  The deadline was 31st March 2014, and the longlist will be announced by 26th May.  Check back soon to see how I  got on.

If you're looking for a similar event, you may like to check out the Bristol Short Story Prize  The deadline is 30th April 2014 with a maximum of 4000 words.  Good luck

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