About Softpots 

I will be showing my Softpots during the year, selling them at local events, and running workshops whenever I can. 

 Contact me if you would like to know more.

Softpots are the brain child of Annie Austen-Meek at her base in York.  You can visit Annie's website here:


Softpots are beautiful fabric pots that are kinder to your plants than a conventional plastic pot (and prettier too).

I am now   a Registrered Softpot Maker and proud to bring them to Wiltshire.  Look out for news of where they will be available in 2015. 

BOA gave the Softpots a very warm welcome in 2014 and I'm now busy working at other places in the town to show them, and more ways of running workshops so they can be made in people's own homes too.


My journey with Softpots began in In May 2014 when I had the pleasure of visitng the Softpot Garden in York. After a magical day's work with Annie I  brought them back to Bradford on Avon and planned their launch in Wiltshire just as soon as I'd stopped being amazed at  Annie's stunning creative innovations.

The Softpot Garden in York has now closed while it relocates to a new venue, But can find Annie's website at

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